Scalable storage meets solar technology

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Yotta is the leading-edge solar storage solution.

We simplify the solar storage process through decentralized, panel-level storage and optimize your energy efficiency with intelligent software.


All-in-one solar and storage

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We’ve engineered a solution for harnessing the sun’s energy safely and efficiently by adding battery storage to PV system instead of a central battery approach. Our commercial products and software create the most reliable and easiest to deploy energy storage system for solar self-consumption.

A new class of solar storage

Through our flagship product, SolarLEAF™, we’ve pioneered a modular storage solution with smart thermal regulation that seamlessly integrates behind each photovoltaic (PV) panel while maximizing life and performance of the battery.

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Longer Battery Life

Breakthrough temperature regulation technology allows our batteries to withstand extreme weather and last well over 20 years

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Easy to Scale

Our system allows for future additions of energy storage as our your energy storage needs grow.

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Quick and Simple to Install

Through panel-level storage, SolarLEAF allows for the lowest installed costs for adding energy storage to any solar PV system.

Fully integrated software platform for solar projects

Our software platform enables the aggregate system to address various needs for energy control and resiliency.

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Awards and Recognition

We are a team of clean technology experts on a mission to build the tools for a future where humanity can achieve true energy independence.

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